About myself
Don’t look for mistakes, look for solutions.

"The secret of success is
understanding the other person's point of view."

(Henry Ford)

My profile

Human Resources development and continuous improvement are my fields of activity.

I support my customers and their employees to continually develop themselves further so they will definitely achieve their goals.

My focus is on achieving a perceptible and measurable effect.

I always design my projects and activities with the result in mind. This helps me to choose the optimal format and the best methods.

Experience in personnel development
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My philosophy

Customer orientated

The interests, intentions and targets of my customers always take priority.


Behind every customer I see the person who requires targeted support.


I always pick up on existing conditions and work together with my customers to find the best ways to new approaches.

Contact details : +49 341 550 3568 | Radko.Zonsarow@neulernen.net

Experience as a foundation

My extensive wealth of experience from all areas of human resources development enables me to continually keep the aspired target in my view.

Global network

My large global network of free-lance specialists with specialised expertise supports me in my work.

Goal orientated

My measure of quality is achieving my customers‘ targets.
mein Qualitätsmaßstab.


I can perform my services in German and English.